Tuesday, April 29, 2003

And while we're on the topic of commentators, I'd like to say that I actually like Rush Limbaugh. He's a little self-absorbed, he's a little bombastic (fantastic...), he's a little over-the-top; and he's entertaining as all get-up. He pointed me to this.

On that note, let me assure anyone at the White House who may be reading this, that if Robert Bork would send the Dems into nuclear meltdown, you have no idea what I'd do to them. I make Bork look like a die-hard Nation subscriber.

Contact me at the email address on the left. Maybe we can swing something for an Article III appointment on a more permanent basis? And if not, it's a hell of a resume boost. (I'm willing to take a year or so off from my practice for the job. Trust me.)

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