Monday, May 26, 2003

Ok, he wins. I give.

Because of this post, Little Tiny Lies officially makes the blog list at left.

Here's why:

I like parties fine, but this isn't a party. When lawyers hold parties for other lawyers, it's work. They talk shop, and they make contacts, and they look for new jobs. And some of the men look for quick sex without commitment, and some of the women look for successful men who might marry them and make it unnecessary for them to continue practicing law. I think that if I meet any nice-looking women, I'll introduce myself as a writer just so they won't smell blood in the water.
Going to law school convinced me that the very worst thing a man can do to himself is to marry a lady law student. Way too many of them have some attitude/chip/hormonal imbalance (yes, I'm ranting, don't kill me when you read this, dear) that produces a permanent sneer and personality disorder, akin to what most women in New Jersey and Noo Yawk carry around on a daily basis. For the life of me, given that women are the majority of law students, and have an easier in at every firm they interview, I'll never understand why, but most female law students (and way too many female lawyers) practically have a bright neon sign on their foreheads that reads I AM BEING OPPRESSED BY THE PATRIARCHY AND I WANT TO CUT OFF TESTICLES IN RETALIATION. And I'M OVERSEXED AND NEED TO GET LAID AND I HATE IT THAT NOT EVERY MAN IN SIGHT WANTS ME.

And lawyer parties suck. Badly.

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