Friday, June 27, 2003

The next time the Loony Libs carry on about the GOP's "Southern Strategy," just remember these choice bits from this article, and ask yourself, "Huh?"

It was in the 1968 campaign that the "southern strategy" was born. Its message relied on code words and phrases. For example, "freedom of choice," a term used by Thurmond, meant opposition to school desegregation. Similarly, Nixon pledged that he would not make the South a "whipping boy," meaning that his administration would enforce the law, but also would be sympathetic to southern concerns.
Those terms, and the things for which they stood, are gone. Forever. Whether or not the GOP got the South this way, it holds it by conforming to economically and socially conservative policies. Marshall and the kids are nuts if they think anyone in any numbers even knows what this garbage means any more.

Oh: RIP, Strom. May buxom, Daisy-Fuentes look-alike angels carry you to your rest. Without getting groped.

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