Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Blogging promises to be light the next week or two; those who know why, will know why, and the rest of humanity will do what it usually does and disregard this blog.

Anyway, before I sorta go, a brief note to my wife on why it would be bad for me to seek electoral office, especially as I am now:

Katherine Hepburn is dead, and I owe myself a pizza.

You see, it is my habit to order a pizza in celebration whenever an ardent fan of slaughtering infants in utero kicks the bucket. Thurgood Marshall did some serious good in his time, but his me-tooism to Brennan with Roe and the descendent decisions, to my mind, voided all the good he did (hint: you advocate murderering one group of people, it overwhelms helping free another). So -- especially after all of his unseemly Reagan-bashing, I felt Domino's was in order.

And when Blackmun died, let's just say I was stuffed for a day, and the local Pizza Hut delivery guy was significantly richer. Teddy Kennedy's death in a drunken orgy in a van at the bottom of a cold New England river will bring the same result.

So, in tribute to an old bitch who felt life was just too good a thing to share with millions of babies, I'm thinking Godfather's some time this week.

Oh, and one thing: Don't hand me that "she just supported Planned Parenthood for the birth control" crap. Putting every other argument to the side, if that's what she really wanted, she could've lobbied for Merck.

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