Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Advent Hymns by Modern Catholic Taste

After yet another round of modern Catholic liturgical music and reminders that in this blessed season we are to avoid being happy or even liking our eardrums, I've decided to offer my own liturgical offerings for Catholic masses. If it helps in their adoption, I can divorce my wife, become a Jesuit, renounce my Order, and "marry" another man.

Who am I kidding? That won't help, that'll make it a certainty.

First offering.

We Are Becoming (More Like God)

Jesus is coming
And we are becoming
More like God
We are the People of God
We are the People of God
And when Jesus comes
We will be worthy
Worthy of God R.

Jesus is coming real soon
He was a baby like we've all been
Basically we're Jesus
Or on our way to being him

Soon Jesus will come
He will be born again
Born like he's never been
Born like we've been
As People of God
And when Jesus arrives
We'll be arisen
Arisen to be like God R.

Jesus comes tomorrow
Or maybe the next day
Then we will be like him
As we are the People of God
We are the People like God
Then we'll be with Jesus
And he'll be with us
All of us God. R.

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