Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Ok, so I was at least partly wrong: Gephardt is screwed:

Rep. Richard Gephardt is staking his presidential ambitions on a plan he says would provide universal health insurance and give the economy a jolt. To pay for the plan, the Missouri Democrat would cancel most of President Bush's tax cuts scheduled to take effect after the next inauguration, on Jan. 20, 2005.

In a speech Wednesday before New York City union members, Gephardt will propose a large infusion of federal money into the system under which most people get their health coverage: through their jobs. Employers receive a tax deduction if they provide health insurance, but the most they can recoup is 34% of total costs. Gephardt would install a tax credit offsetting a flat 60% of costs. And he would require companies to provide or continue offering coverage.
Dick, Dick, Dick: People don't care. Those 46 million, or however many it is, who are uninsured, are: (1) illegal aliens, or (2) people who can make the system work, somehow, either by getting hospitals to accept discounted prices or repayment plans. The poor have Medicaid and Medicare. Everyone else gets by. As the article points out:

It's not clear that health care is what analysts call a ''voting issue,'' one that motivates voters and determines their choice of candidates. Health care generally rates below the economy, terrorism, war-related issues and even declining morality in some polls when people are asked to rank the country's most important problems. And their health care concerns often are focused on the cost of their own insurance or prescription drugs. But Gephardt intends to make health care for everyone a central theme of his campaign.
Brilliant. Be the next John McCain. Please. Indeed, everyone not named "George W. Bush" should be the next John McCain -- because John McCain lost. So push that single idea for all it's worth. Get rave press reviews for your single-minded bravery. Be the toast of the town. Go for it.


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