Monday, May 19, 2003

So I maintain four separate email addresses, one almost entirely dedicated to bulk (junk/spam/crap) email, one for private correspondence with friends and family, one for this blog, and one I use for everything else (work, formal correspondence, etc.).

I list the bulk email when I sign up for anything on the internet, and only check it to make sure my account isn't overloaded (these days, that's at least once every three days). I've discovered that no amount of "unsubscribe" emails will ever, ever get your name removed from most lists, and neither will most fast-links designed to do the exact same thing. No big deal; that's why I keep that account (that, and sentimental attachment).

Since my personal correspondence email address is in more than a few address books, I'm not surprised that I get spam there, too. A lot of my friends and family have been hit with the Klez worm, and I'm sure some of those Klezes went out from spam companies. (What surprises me is the rate of increase: just two weeks ago, I might get six "bulk" emails a day; now I get thirty-five.)

This leads to the point of this post: This blog's email address. The only folks who use this are friends through blogging, readers, and the occasional hate mail. (Dang it, only occasional.) I get maybe an email or two a day there.

Yet somehow, I'm getting an increasing amount of spam there, too. I know about pagecrawlers, and it's not beyond reason that one of my correspondents at this address (1) added me to this contact list and (2) got hit by Klez (or NetBus -- remember NetBus?) or the equivalent. Let's be honest, though, it's not like I get enough traffic to think this is coming in from pagecrawlers. In fact, it's rather amazing to me to see the spam pile up at all.

This post just shows how absolutely boring I am. I still haven't seen The Matrix: Reloaded. Good gravy, am I lame.

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