Saturday, May 24, 2003

What?! Coulter's only a two?

I know -- given that the folks who did this probably don't really understand the concept of irony -- that I'm probably shooting in the wind here, but using a technique made famous by your enemies, and doing it lousily, is not really smart, ironic, hip, or anything else: It's just predictable.

I mean, c'mon: Peggy Noonan as a Queen? Ahmad Chalabi? Ken Lay (that story isn't there anymore, kids)? Lou Dobbs?

Be honest: You ran out of people you knew off the top of your head, didn't you? The NR masthead alone should help finish it. And why Nino Scalia, but not Clarence Thomas, who's been more reliably pro-Administration policy in his rulings? (Or are you capable of thinking that deeply?)

Via Andrew Sullivan, of whom I can't figure if he deserves higher or lower.

UPDATE: Jimmy points out to me that "it's a good thing the jackasses didn't put Condi Rice as the Queen of Spades." Yes, that would have been ironic.

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