Thursday, June 05, 2003

My one Sammy Sosa post:

I believe him. None of his other bats are corked. This is overblown.

Here are some other thoughts:

Jimmy is cheesed off about Jose Canseco's diatribe (here), rightly, I might add. Michele of A Small Victory is more exacting, and doesn't come down on guilt or innocence one way or another. Ben Domenech points out that this is spinning out of control, like any other feeding frenzy, and correctly points out that Rick Reilly is an ass (my word, not his).

UPDATE: Lucas Sayre (another of those bright voices lost, kinda, if Google drops blogs from its hit parade), disagrees, and thinks Sammy just tried to sneak the bat in. Like I said, I think that's silly -- he's had slumps before -- but then again, I can't say that with certainty.

UPDATE (SQUARED): Little Tiny Lies has this gem on Jose "I'm Not Too Sexy for Steroids" Canseco:

T. Crown also mentions the fact that noted bonehead and Madonna-fluffer Jose Canseco is complaining that Sammy Sosa is being attacked because he is Hispanic and black. I don't know if you understand how funny it is to hear a Miami Cuban like Canseco complain about Latins getting bad treatment. Being Cuban in Miami is like being a Mormon in Salt Lake City. It's a major advantage.

Cubans are highly successful as a group, and being Cuban gives you networking advantages, but they're still entitled to government handouts because the government would rather die than admit Cubans are successful and Mexicans and Puerto Ricans aren't. It's a sweet deal.

When I was in law school, Florida was paying the tuition of Cuban students as long as they promised to work in Florida for three years after they graduated. Right, like you're going to pry a Cuban loose from Miami with a crowbar. This is home, baby. And why do we want lawyers to promise to stay? I think we should pay their tuition, regardless of race, only if they promise to move to Montana.
Can we just pay to have Canseco move somewhere?

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