Wednesday, June 04, 2003

The Old Oligarch on why paranoia is simple rationality:

The kicker: I installed a RAID array on the "experimental" computer. Since the power supply was fairly limited, I need to split the two molex-type power cables into four to power the four drives in the array. Radio Shack has always carried these molex Y-adapters. I go to the Radio Shack on Maple Ave. in Fairfax, VA. I browse around, but can't find where they've got the molex. They are clearly re-arranging the store (things in boxes, etc.), so I figure they might be hidden away. A saleswoman asks me what I'm looking for. I explain to her what I'm trying to do and what I want. (Since "molex" isn't really a standard term.) She tells me that Radio Shack doesn't make such a thing. I assure her they do. She tells me, no, I would have to go to CompUSA or Circuit City for that. I repeat that a) They make them, b) They usually stock them, and c) I don't know why she's sending me to their competitors. She's confident, however, that she's right, and goes to peddle an $80 robot to some kid whose parents are in the store.

I ask the guy behind the counter for the catalog. I find the molex adapter part number. He punches it into the computer. Not only do they make them (big surprise), there are three right there in the store! I buy two, show them to the saleswoman, and leave. Idiot!
Been there, done that. I tried building a random-number generator (don't ask) out of Radio Shack parts many moons ago. Got the parts, two of the capacitors didn't work. Went back to the Shack, no more capacitors of the kind I need on the racks (duh), was told they don't carry capacitors. Showed them the package with their price tag. Must be a different store. There isn't another Radio Shack for fifty miles. Which store did you go to? We can call them up. I. Didn't. Go. To. Another. Store. I. Came. Here. But we don't carry that. I have not gone back to Radio Shack to purchase anything since.

Southerners can do electronics; we just gave up on Radio Shack a long time ago.

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