Friday, June 20, 2003

When I first realized that the Left was deranged: When a friend -- on whom I'd had a mild crush to that point -- called me "evil" and refused to talk to me any more because I opined to her that sweatshops in Third World countries weren't that bad; in looking to deny those Third Worlders what amounted to better jobs and our own industrial revolution, we were holding them in perpetual poverty. I believe she said that she couldn't believe I was so evil, that she felt like she didn't know me, and that she saw no reason to talk to me any more.

We're not talking about saying that Bergen Belsen was a mixed good; we're saying that the folks who work in those sweatshops choose -- you know, like free-willed humans -- to work there, rather than living the (short, brutish, painful, hunger-ridden) life of the noble savage. (And bully for them, I say.)

Finger's hurting again. Don't ask where the preceding came from. I'll just say it's been over four years now, and leave it at that.

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