Saturday, December 22, 2007

This dates to January 7, 2006.

My kudos to Wisonsin Governor Jim Doyle (surprise! a Democrat!) for once more giving the lie to the third adjective in the Evil Party's formulation on abortion: Safe, legal, and "rare."

Gov. Jim Doyle on Friday vetoed a bill that would have forced doctors to tell women seeking abortions after their fifth month of pregnancy that their fetuses could suffer pain.

Doyle, a Democrat, said there is no evidence conclusively proving when a fetus can feel pain. The Republican-controlled Legislature should not be allowed to decide scientific fact, he said.

"It would be reckless to inject a requirement that doctors communicate unproven science to their patients during an already difficult and sometimes traumatic time," Doyle wrote in his veto message. "This bill intrudes on the doctor-patient relationship ... and contravenes the requirement that doctors provide objective and accurate information to their patients."

Putting everything else to the side, what the good Democrat is really saying is not merely the absurdity that viable children have no sense of pain -- obviously, only the class of abortion rights supporters are without that sensibility, and only in the moral and intellectual spheres -- but that anything that might slow a mother's approach to Moloch's altar must be stopped. Carthago delenda est, indeed.

But, seriously, thanks, Jim. Every time I wonder why I'm still a Republican, along comes a Democrat to remind me that the alternative, for once, is truly Manichaean.

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