Saturday, December 22, 2007

This post is from November 8, 2006.

Properly, today should be a day of quiet meditation, and consolidating forces. It should be a day we regroup, and start planning for 2008.

To the pits of Hell with that. I have some long knives, and it's time to start plunging.

We lost a tenuous governing majority because we killed ourselves, slowly, with a thousand tiny cuts. We lost Iraq because we simply had to give verbal aid and comfort (I choose those words deliberately) to the Democrats as they hauled out every last cliche from the antiwar movement of the 1970s. We kept abortion on demand the law of the land for at least another seven years because we had to try to fund the use of human beings as research matter. We guaranteed increasingly painful entitlement spending because we wanted to beat the Democrats to the punch on free drugs for seniors. We guaranteed profligacy by being progligate ourselves.

The Democrats did not win this battle. We locked our finest spears in the ground and plunged ourselves upon them.

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