Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A farewell from a midget.

Worry not, hilzoy: I hold you in just about as much respect as you hold me. What brought us together? This:

This is not the only time that Thomas has committed the sin of presumption by claiming to know God's will not just in general cases -- e.g., His disapproval of murder or idolatry -- but in specifics as well.
Your ability -- demonstrated time and again -- to reason from the general to the specific (not to mention your honesty about it!) has brought Mohammed to the Mountain. Well done, hon.

UPDATE: I love you too, Charles. I'm impressed that you shared this with the folks at Obsidian Wings, where because of Moe, few of us ever went, rather than, say, in an email to me.

If you ever want to say that to my face, you know where to find me.

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haystack said...

You know, Thomas, I originally planned to just lurk and watch yer back from afar, but given the name(Bird) and the words and the audience, and the history...I had to remark publicly...holy shit, man...and you think you know people. Not really surprised that flyer is in that loony bin, but a fronter at "you know where" is

oops-is swearing allowed here?

This changes a lot of things for me "over there"...

rat bastards are everywhere after all, huh?