Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I'd like to make a note about the blogs listed on the left: I like them all. Berry much. I read them. Hence, they're listed there.

There are some whom I added, then removed.

Let's start with Mr. Oliver Willis. He was under the now obviously oxymoronic label of "Rational Liberals." I have chosen not to link to him because, quite frankly, though I started off with a pretty good-sized chunk of respect for him, he managed to destroy it, bit by bit. (Examples? Oh, endorsing ANSWER, accusing all Southern/red state boys of being racist hicks, letting irritation over his boy losing the 2000 election warp his mind, rhetorical degeneration, etc., etc.) He will not be linked on this blog. Ever.

InstaPundit, because... Um, because... well, ok, because he doesn't need my paltry two referrals a day, and as Orrin Judd likes to put it, I know where I stand in the great chain of being. And because he's got something against the Catholic Church.

Andrew Sullivan: See InstaPundit, supra. Brilliant when he's on, cold when he's off. Note to Mr. Sullivan: Please use the word "purge" when referring to the Catholic Church and gay priests, especially in light of what the world takes it to mean today, only if you mean the Church is going to put gay priests through show trials, then execute them out back.

Disgusted Liberal: To a lesser extent, see Willis, Oliver, supra. I might link him, though.

Josh Marshall: Hack. See Willis, Oliver, supra; then double it.

May get linked in the future:

Patrick Ruffini: Every time I think he's not offering anything new, I watch him put together some truly awesome work.

VodkaPundit: The guy can be boring about once every week, then he's on fire the rest of the time.

Little Green Footballs: Gracious. Only exception: See InstaPundit, supra, about the Great Chain of Being.

Lileks: Love him, but see LGF, supra.

The Volokh Cabal: See LGF, supra.

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