Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Awesome TNR article on the changing view of integration in the X-Men books. Part of why I stopped reading the things. (I was always a bigger Spidey fan anyway, and I'm one of three human males who thinks Cyclops is cooler than Wolverine.)

Two quibbles:

* With reference to Magneto fooling around with Rogue: Wouldn't you?

* I'd say the downfall actually started just after Wolverine lost his adamantium -- the battle that led to that was the last assault of the good guys on the Separatists that made Xavier's dream seem like the rational one. That would be, what, 1993? X-Men seemed pretty clear-cut in the 1980s, to me. (With the exception of the Fantastic Four v. X-Men series, but that was so staged, anyway, even if the art was fantastic.)

God, I'm a nerd.

(Hat tip: Ben Domenech.)

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