Friday, May 09, 2003

Josh Claybourn and Ben Domenech have takes on John Derbyshire's foray into "Metropolitan Conservatism" (you know our side is at least treading water if we can waste time arguing about things like this).

Like the parenthetical suggests, I think this is a bit overwrought, and I think Derbyshire is... off. But then again, with Dreher gone, NR had to find someone to say silly things like this, right?

UPDATE: Derb has the best response reasonably possible here. (Best line: "I personally think that people like that should be rounded up and dumped on some island at the further extremity of the Aleutian chain, to survive as best they can on walrus blubber and seagull eggs.") Folks, this is silly even by crunchy-con debate standards. Let it go. Derbyshire is actually a big fan of the literal creationists. And some of the commentary on this is way overheated.

(Oh, yeah, I'm one to cast stones at overheated commentators.)

And I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Rod Dreher is chiming in on Mr. Claybourn's comments section in the link above, and doing yeoman's work, even if he hasn't, for some reason, learned how to indicate where and to whom his replies are going.

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