Saturday, May 10, 2003

In response to my record three question emails on the matter: I don't do comments because -- surprise! -- Blogger has a heart attack when I try. I have tried three different comments engines, with the following results:

Try One: No Comments link ever appears. I can code HTML in my sleep, but no Comments link ever appears.

Try Two: My entire page becomes FUBAR. Text is multiple sizes (none of them correct), links don't work... AND I don't have a comments link.

Try Three: I got a comments link, but it wouldn't display a comments box, no matter what I did. And, every time I added a new post, it would screw up my archives, and make links nonfunctional. But at least the Comments link appeared, right?

It's not that I don't care... well, really, I don't. But that's not why there will not be a comments box on my page any time soon. If it is indeed senseless to fear that which you cannot avoid, it is a special variety of insanity to fight that which you cannot conquer.

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