Friday, July 25, 2003

To everyone who has shown up recently: Thank you, and stop running through your bookmarks.

I've been down and out for a little while, and I will be for a little while longer. I did want to share a few observations:

(1) The probability, on any given 80s Radio station, at any given time, that White Wedding will play, approaches 1 as time approaches the Twelve O'Clock Rock Block or Noon Lunch Hour or its equivalent.

(2) I begin to see, from the other side, why so many people have so much aversion to plaintiffs' lawyers. Apparently, not everyone is as ethically rigorous as I or my old firm.

(3) The lack of directions on a can of shaving cream for "What to Do When This Gets in Your Eye," is either an indication that the stuff is safe if inserted thus, or no one at Gilette thinks that anyone could be stupid and clumsy enough to get it in their eyes.

(4) They're wrong.

(5) 867-5309.

(6) Stress is a constant. Reduce it in one area, and, obeying Le Chatelier's Principle, it will appear somewhere else.