Tuesday, August 26, 2003

In honor of both Ben Domenech, who seems to have inaugurated this system; the increasing acceptance of this form, as Paul Cella will attest; and my limited schedule, a brief listing:

Walter Cronkite, please pick up the white courtesy phone. Planet Earth is paging you.

Paul links to Larry Auster, and yet I still maintain respect for him.

Ben has an MLK tribute that deserves a read, along with one of the greatest political speeches of all time.

New blog, worth reading if for no better reason than this: Links to stories about lawyers being sent back to law school. Good idea.

Josh Marshall is still a hack.

If you come up behind me, and the twenty five miles over the speed limit I am currently effecting is not fast enough for you, the appropriate manner to inform me that you would like to pass me is (step by step) as follows: Flash brights, twice. Allow time for me to switch lanes. Wave in thanks as you pass. Racing up on my tail is only guaranteed to get me to hit the brakes. Hey, I've got insurance; my car can take the impact. I'm just crazy enough to do this. Wanna play chicken?

If you want to pass me, and both the left and right lanes are completely open, it is asinine beyond reason to race up behind me and expect me to get out of the way.

The Christian Science Monitor discovers DeRidder, Louisiana. The Seventh Seal is breaking...

Blogger Bowl 2K4 held its draft; here's my team (In Pari Delicto):

QB: Kurt Warner
RB: Shaun Alexander
RB: Fred Taylor
WR: Rod Smith
WR: Marty Booker
TE: Tony Gonzalez
K: Ryan Longwell
D/ST: Dolphins

The reserves may actually be as strong as the starters (not that that's saying much: I drafted Alexander as a result of a Flash glitch):

Warrick Dunn
Trent Green
Jimmy Smith
Moe Williams
Az-Zahir Hakim,
Mark Brunell, Jac
Kevin Johnson
49ers D/ST
Freddie Jones
Antwaan Randle El

I'd like to say Randle El gives me the edge in the "Names That Make Neat Battle Cries" department, but the Burghers got Alge Crumpler. He's no Ya Ya Ja, but dammit, that's hard to beat.

For the record: Rachel Weisz is the hottest thing on the screen since a young Halle Berry. Apparently stupid, like Ms. Berry, but: Damn. But then again, those who know me know I go for big eyes.

What the hell is up with you people? I don't post for a month, and the lowest-traffic day I get is 30; if the reports I got from SiteMeter are to be believed, I had a day near 200. Now I start posting again, and I get 8. What the crap?