Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Friend,

Two days ago, I acted like a boor and a pig. Because I was speaking to union voters, I thought, "Who'd fucking notice?" Now Republicans are acting like they've never said that word before, like if they hit their thumbs with hammers while crucifying a teacher in a garage, the fuckers.

Talk about hypocrisy. We're talking about people who've had people near them comparing President Obama to Hitler, when everyone knows Dick Cheney is Hitler, the fucker. Not only that, they have the unmitigated gall to participate in the motherfucking political process, as if they're entitled to do so, without once carrying union cards.

Wanna know what's fucking bullshit? The fact that at least fifty Ohioans -- some of whom are adults! -- are still not registered with a local. FIFTY! Fifty decent, hardworking scabs who can't be bothered to fucking unionize even when we send them pictures of their kids at school. How many of those poor people don't have insurance?

Well, actually, that's a rhetorical question. We have their names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit reports, paystubs, W-2s, 1099s, and, when appropriate, insurance cards. Thanks, Postal Carriers Local 388!

But let me tell you, goddammit, I'm fucking fired up, and I don't give a shit which cocksucking pussy faggot knows it. I'm fired up because Republicans have made it so that President Obama can't get a shit sandwich through Congress even with supermajorities in both Houses. I'm pissed off because Governor Strickland can't find his ass with both hands, a map, a flashlight, a GPS device, and a giant fucking neon sign with a glowing arrow that points directly at his goddamned rectum. Can you seriously fucking sit there and tell me you believe Ted Strickland is so fucking clueless he couldn't find his ass if Republicans weren't stopping him? I didn't fucking think so.

And Wall Street! Do you think President Obama has taken hundreds of millions from Wall Street just for his own gain? That's what those motherfucking Republican twats say -- they're still out there slandering our President. Anyone paying attention would know that he's said a lot of terrible things about Wall Street, and is this close to cutting off the unlimited stream of funds that has kept them afloat.

And that's because Congress told Wall Street to fucking shove it up its fucking ass with the fucking reform bill they just passed. It ended Too Big to Fail, or probably will, no one's sure, but only a fucking Republican would question it.

And that's because they're racists.

And health insurance.

That's why I'm fed up with Republican governance of this country. I'm asking you to donate so we can force Republicans out of the governor's mansion, and return Governor Strickland to office for a second consecutive term. I'm asking you to donate so we can toss the fucking Republican control of Congress, and help get Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi the super-supermajorities they need. And most of all, I'm asking you to help me get President Obama sworn in as President, again, two years early, for the first time. Because we can continue to change Ohio as we haven't been for four years, and the country for four years, in the right direction that we haven't gone yet.

Fuck you,

Chris Redfern
Ohio Motherfucking Democratic Party