Wednesday, April 02, 2003

It's Called a Primary, Terry

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the face of the modern Democrat party:

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee said he is concerned about infighting among some of the party's presidential candidates.

"I don't like that," DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe said Tuesday. "We need to make sure we are monitoring that. The focus of this is beating George Bush."
Much as I hate to stand up for a bunch of people whom, were they on the side of the road on fire, and I had to go to the little boys' room, I would just as soon skip over en route to the nearest gas station, I have to stick up for 'em on this one:

The point is not beating George Bush. The point is getting to a position where they can try to beat George Bush. Primaries aren't sweet and sappy affairs, Terry. Ain't the nature of the beast. Deal with it, and hope they don't get too bloodied.

Anyway, serves you right for letting the loony left in your party.


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