Tuesday, April 01, 2003

So while I try to get my template sorted out, some light blogging:

I guess this means that the coke really went to Robin Williams's head all those years ago, after all. Because, you know, it's one thing to say shit like this when we're at peace; you have to be high as a kite to offer it in the middle of a war.

The thing I really like about Powell's speech warning Syria and Iran about a smackdown is not so much the content -- let's be honest, it was just a verbal rebuke, we lack the cajones to back it up -- as where it was given: AIPAC. I mean, is there a better way to tell off crazy Arab (and Persian) fanatics, be they religious or secular, than to do so in front of a bunch of Jews? And Zionist ones at that?

Good for Powell, and good for AIPAC.

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